Hi, I'm Coach Vicki!

I empower women and female entrepreneurs entering the second chapter of their lives who feel stuck and overwhelmed by the demands of balancing work, life, and faith.

Our customized coaching journey provides structured guidance, actionable steps, and unwavering accountability. As a result, you'll transform your life, find balance in faith, life, and work, confidently step into your best self, grow your business, and leave a lasting legacy."

Build the Habits Needed to take control of Your Day in 15 min. with the DMP Checklist.

Are you ready to transform your daily routine and take control of your life?

Our comprehensive Daily Method of Productivity (DMP)
is your secret weapon to unlock the full potential of your day.

This system is your answer to...

🕔 Lack of Time Management

😰 Stress & Overwhelm

🌟 Lack of Balance


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  • Life Balance Assessment

  • Mind & Body Awareness

  • Stress-Free Living Checklist


But There is a Problem...

Most startup entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed due to limiting beliefs and a lack of daily guidelines on planning the action steps needed to achieve their goals and have that balance of Work-Life-Faith they seek.

1. Lack of confidence:
A lack of confidence can be a major roadblock when starting and growing your business. Finding the courage to take the necessary risks and make decisions that will move your business forward can be difficult.

2. Time management:
Balancing your personal and professional life can be tricky. Setting aside time for your life's business and personal aspects is essential to find the balance you need to succeed.

3. Putting yourself out there:
Building an online business requires putting yourself and your work into the world. This can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but it’s also necessary to succeed. It is taking those action steps..

The a Solutions for your Transformation!

1. The strategies, systems, and frameworks to achieve your goals.

2. A clear vision of your purpose, passion, and necessary action steps.

3. Find your voice and take control of your life.


Ready for Change? I Can Help.

Time to stop feeling out of balance and start taking control of your life and achieve your goals.

Follow the simple 3-step Success Plan and we can get you there together!


Book Your Call

Get on a Free 30-minute strategy call to see what area you need help in to grow.


Get Your Plan

We pick the best program for you both personally and in business.


Achieve Your Goals

At the end of the program, you will have the tools needed to grow your business and have personal growth.

What Others Are Saying

I was very blessed to help others through their journey. Would love to have you also be part of clients.

Vicki communicates so clearly and with so much knowledge that it would be impossible not to learn. I have been struggling with getting focused and getting things done for a while now, but her advice and my implementation have really helped me focus and move forward not only this week but moving forward. Thanks, Vicki. I enjoyed working with you and plan to do it again.


JoAnn T


Vicki has the steps to achieve success and has the systems and habit-forming tools to help you plan your business activities without burnout.

Having used the tools to build her own business, she is able to guide you through the process to apply her methodology to fit your business.

I highly recommend any entrepreneur attend.


Laura C


Your future starts here ladies...

"Transform Your Life and Business with Our Proven Programs: Discover the Perfect Fit for You!"

What makes all our programs different from any other self-development programs is that they are all customized to you and where you are in your life, where your want to go, and the action steps you need to take.

You don't adjust to the framework; the framework adjusts to your needs.

Habit Hackers Masterclass:

3 Simple Steps to Less Stress and More Productivity

In this masterclass, discover game-changing strategies and tools to boost your productivity.

Build the skills and habits needed as you learn more about yourself and how to make the changes you always wanted.

It's not about the planner you use; it's about having the "HERD" system to develop habits and transform how you approach tasks.

Work-Life Optimization Bootcamp-Course

This 30day bootcamp will you will build habits using the customized planner and be held accountable for achieving your goals as planned.


A planner to print to start your 90-day to success.

"Blueprint to Breakthrough" Your Personal 3 Step Framework for Success."

Are you ready to transform your life and achieve true balance?

Over the three month, you will embark in the 7 key areas of life according to the Oola framework—Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (Career), Faith, Friends, and Fun.

Lifestyle Framework. Our customized e-learning platform, digital accountability app, inspiring community — and optional support from a Certified Life Coach —will guide you through a personalized journey to rebalance your priorities, re-ignite personal and professional growth, and renew purpose in every area of life!

Take our lifestyle assessment, uncover imbalances, and receive a personalized monthly plan.

Schedule a free strategy call today to customize your coaching program based on what you need.

"4 Picket Breakthrough Framework" with the ELEPHANT System

It is designed to help you overcome limiting beliefs and step into your true potential.

4 Picket Breakthrough Framework:

1. Authenticity Picket

Embrace Your True Self and Values

2. Breakthrough Picket Productivity, Efficiency, Build Success Habits

3. Commitment Picket

Achieve Your Goals with Accountability

4. Development Picket

Transform Your Life and Business

Each picket represents the fence that we build around our sleeves of those limited beliefs that hold us back from stepping into who we are supposed to be.

Will discover what your pickets are holding you back and develop a plan to break through them one picket at a time.

Schedule a free strategy call today.

The Ultimate 3 Simple Steps to Goal-Setting: Online Workshop

Take the feeling of not knowing where to start when wanting to find balance and get clarity that you will know what action steps needed to achieve your goals.

Life Assessment, tools and accountability coaching.

When you have a clear vision of your purpose and the action steps and guidance to move forward to achieve your goals.


Join the HERD Community!

"Empowering Women of Action: Balancing Business, Life, and Faith for Success"

HERD Community based on the philosophy that you can do what ever God has designed you to when you have the tools and systems and a community to support you alone your transformational journey .

About Vicki Viccora

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Course Creator, Trainer, Mom, and Child of God.

When I started my coaching business, I felt overwhelmed and unworthy to follow my purpose and become an entrepreneur. I felt like I would never start to achieve my goals until I realized I didn’t have to do it all along, and when I used systems and frameworks, I realized I could achieve my goals.

Now, I use my 30-plus years of experience in management and training in the corporate world, my certification as a Life Coach and Mind & Body Coach with my own transformational experience to guide women using my systems by empowering them to take charge of their lives, live out their purpose, and have fun along their journey.

Have a Blessed and Fun Day… Coach Vicki

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